The planner that will revolutionize how you lose weight. 

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A Planner for Weight Loss? Yep.

You’re not just getting a planner and you’re not just getting a weight loss program. This is a practical tool that can be used day in and day out to achieve weight loss, reach fitness goals, AND plan your day to day life. The planner seamlessly combines these aspects of your life. No more “either or.” Now you have it all.

"I’m almost through my second week with the Live Free planner. I’m definitely a planner person - it helps me with organization and productivity- but I’ve never really used one for weight loss. I love that everything is all in one place here! I can fit my family’s crazy schedule, my daily to do list, exercise and meal plan, etc. The short reflections each day are game changers for me. It probably takes 60 seconds to complete, but it’s enough to make my mind focus back to my goals and keep me on track." - Jennifer

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Monthly Calendar

Plan your life, find eating patterns, and collect data

The Week Ahead

Before you meal plan, set small goals and anticipate obstacles

Daily Plan

Make space in your day for fitness, the food you will eat, and reflection

Live Free

The look, feel, and functionality of this planner will have you hooked

You Can Lose and Live.

Stop waiting for your diet to end so you can enjoy life again. Make weight loss easily fit into your life.

Collect Data

The monthly calendar will help you collect data about your body so that you can find the perfect caloric range to eat in to lose weight. The cool part is, you can eat whatever foods you want within that range AND lose weight. After a while you will naturally start to make healthier choices, so don't stress about that! You will surprised at how much you can eat WHILE losing weight.

Prepare for Your Week

When people count calories, social events can often derail them. Each week you will think ahead about what could possibly get you off track and make a plan for how to deal with it. This step will help you be prepared to stay the course no matter what comes your way. It's amazing how this simple strategy completely changed my weight loss life

Plan Your Days and Reflect

If you write your food and fitness plan, you are more likely to stick to it. The thing is, sometimes we don't stick to the plan. Why? That's what you are going to start to figure out with the daily reflection! This daily reflection, along with weekly reflection, will raise self awareness and eventually keep you from making the same missteps.

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Meet Martha.

One day I woke up and decided to get my life together. And I immediately changed and got in shape...not! It's been such a process to get from there to here, a process that I'm continually working on.

The thing is, I GET the diet struggle. Before flipping everything I thought about weight loss on it's head, I was the eternal dieter. I was constantly miserable and getting nowhere. The problem with diets are that they have a tendency to make you miserable and steal your joy. I can't handle that, so I figured out my own way to weight loss (after reading Brain-Powered Weight-Loss by Eliza Kingsford)....and it worked!

I quit dieting and started living. That's what my planner is all about because I want you to do that same thing. I want you to Live Free!

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Is this a year long planner?

NO. This is a 3-month planner. Here's why:
A 3-month timespan is perfect to maximize space for notes and reflection while not resulting in a heavy, bulky notebook.
Since many fitness programs from start to finish take 3-months or under, I've made this planner 3 months to coincide with completing fitness programs as an extra incentive to stay on track in both areas. When you get your nutrition sorted alongside an exercise routine, in 3 months you will see MASSIVE progress. 

Why is reflection a part of this planner?

Reflection was how I raised self-awareness and began to chip away at lifelong bad eating and thinking habits. I want you to become self aware of your poor thinking and eating patterns so you can also change yours. For this reason, there are several areas for reflection throughout this planner, and some came straight from Eliza Kingsford (with permission, of course)!

At the beginning of the 3 months, you will evaluate and identify your current mindset and values by asking yourself specific questions provided in the planner. At the end of 3 months, you will reflect back on the entire process and see how your thoughts have changed because they will change! 

What is the the planner like?

It's around 155 pages total. It has a silver, metal spiral, and a cardboard soft cover with a plastic overlay. The pages are thick and high quality. This planner has 3, 3-month calendars and 15 weekly calendars with daily and weekly reflections.

At the start of each week, there is a spot to plan your meals along with a grocery list. Before you begin each week there are pages to set goals, plan ahead for obstacles, remind yourself of how you feel off plan, and remember which foods you struggle with. There is also a starting and concluding reflection section. The last 16 pages of the planner are blank for any extra journaling you might need to do or anything else you might need those pages for.

Can a planner actually help me lose weight?

Yes. I've lost 20 pounds with this process. Many other women have also had their own success based off this method.

How long after I order before I get mine?

Shipping takes 5-10 days. You can always pay for expedited shipping. To help you get started right away, you will receive a code to grab Mom's Challenge (a printable planner that is solely for planning food) for a huge discount and a 2-week free trial to Mom's Kids (a weight loss community).


Ditch the Diet and Live Free.